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Merge pull request #3586 from astaxie/develop
5 个月前
.github update issue template 3 年前
cache Incr和Decr应该改成排它锁,否则在并发的时候会出现非期望的结果值 7 个月前
config config/yaml: s/bytes.NewBuffer/bytes.NewReader/ 9 个月前
context fix concurrent map access problem on 6 个月前
grace spelling mistake of word "Header" 9 个月前
httplib TestToJson bug fixed 9 个月前
logs logger_test imported and not used: "bytes" 8 个月前
migration Beego skipping some migrations 6 个月前
orm Merge pull request #3689 from GeorgeXc/addStmt 5 个月前
plugins Update apiauth.go fixed infinite recursive call 8 个月前
session Merge pull request #3522 from saromanov/check-input-data 9 个月前
swagger Swagger: 1年前
testdata feat(Template): testing fs bindata 1年前
testing golint testing 4 年前
toolbox fix race problem on toolbox/task 8 个月前
utils email的Attach和AttachFile 的参数检查逻辑有误。len(args) < 1 && len(args) > 2 改为 len(args) < 1 || len(args) > 2 5 个月前
validation add new test case for china mobile phone 11 个月前
vendor update vendor & module 1年前
.gitignore ignore .vscode folder 2 年前
.travis.yml update travis 8 个月前 add 3 年前
LICENSE update all files License 5 年前 Added link to ranking 1年前
admin.go better format 1年前
admin_test.go Add map shortcut and ServeFormatted method in output 1年前
adminui.go fix #1877 3 年前
app.go move log function to log package 8 个月前
beego.go v1.12.0 5 个月前
config.go AutoCert 1年前
config_test.go Add map shortcut and ServeFormatted method in output 1年前
controller.go it's no need to override Trace method. 8 个月前
controller_test.go gofmt simplify 2 年前
doc.go fix typo 3 年前
error.go Make LogAccess public 9 个月前
error_test.go fix the gosimple 2 年前
filter.go adds ability to reset params after a filter runs 3 年前
filter_test.go change to logs 3 年前
flash.go typo fixed 3 年前
flash_test.go add go simple support 2 年前
fs.go make staticcheck happy 10 个月前
go.mod fix: when parse post form it didnt parse fields which have same name but the first index is empty but another is not 10 个月前
go.sum fix: when parse post form it didnt parse fields which have same name but the first index is empty but another is not 10 个月前
hooks.go better format 1年前
log.go // Deprecated: use instead. 8 个月前
mime.go fix the typo 3 年前
namespace.go make staticcheck happy 10 个月前
namespace_test.go add go simple support 2 年前
parser.go make routers configurable for beego multi-instance in the same repo 7 个月前
policy.go golint 2 年前
router.go router.go: add comment func LogAccess 5 个月前
router_test.go make staticcheck happy 10 个月前
staticfile.go fix / can use dynamic directory 1年前
staticfile_test.go Fix Unexpected EOF bug in staticfile 1年前
template.go Register .gohtml extension 9 个月前
template_test.go feat(Template): use interface http.FileSystem 1年前
templatefunc.go fix bugs of ParseForm about time in RFC3339 format 6 个月前
templatefunc_test.go fix: adding test for issue due to testing is not reflect changed 10 个月前
tree.go comment edit 2 年前
tree_test.go fix routing bug for splat 2 年前
unregroute_test.go fix golint comments 2 年前

Beego Build Status GoDoc Foundation Go Report Card

beego is used for rapid development of RESTful APIs, web apps and backend services in Go. It is inspired by Tornado, Sinatra and Flask. beego has some Go-specific features such as interfaces and struct embedding.

Response time ranking: web-frameworks.

More info at

Quick Start

Download and install

go get

Create file hello.go

package main

import ""

func main(){

Build and run

go build hello.go

Go to http://localhost:8080

Congratulations! You’ve just built your first beego app.

Please see Documentation for more.


  • RESTful support
  • MVC architecture
  • Modularity
  • Auto API documents
  • Annotation router
  • Namespace
  • Powerful development tools
  • Full stack for Web & API




beego source code is licensed under the Apache Licence, Version 2.0 (