A remote control made from ESPs for Skateboards
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Signed-off-by: Lukas Bachschwell <lukas@lbsfilm.at>
2024-05-18 15:38:04 +02:00
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This is my take on an eskate remote

it uses:

  • ESPNow on 2 ESP32
  • Hal sensor based remote
  • 3D model by SolidGeek

it features:

  • Basic Skateboard control
  • FANCY Displays>y
  • Encryption (Not yet)
  • Lights !
  • Cruise Mode
  • Experimental SteeringMode (for walking your board like a dog)
  • Limit Mode
  • Telemetry: Voltage, Electronics Temperature, Speed (with cool paging)
  • Basic ESC Fan control (relay based...)



improve voltage resistors in receiver improve fans to be PWM controlled


nicer settings implement display on reciever rpm direction and calibration Improve steeringmode using rpm knowledge

enable ecryption for espnow pairingmode in system switch lightmode on double click enable blinkers on side to side while moving (Via speed);

new settings

steering mode exclusive forward backward