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#ifndef USBserial_h_
#define USBserial_h_
#include <inttypes.h>
#include "Stream.h"
#define USB_MIDI_SYSEX_MAX 60 // maximum sysex length we can receive
#define NoteOff 0
#define NoteOn 1
#define AfterTouchPoly 2
#define ControlChange 3
#define ProgramChange 4
#define AfterTouchChannel 5
#define PitchBend 6
#define SystemExclusive 7
class usb_midi_class
void sendNoteOff(uint8_t note, uint8_t velocity, uint8_t channel);
void sendNoteOn(uint8_t note, uint8_t velocity, uint8_t channel);
void sendPolyPressure(uint8_t note, uint8_t pressure, uint8_t channel);
void sendControlChange(uint8_t control, uint8_t value, uint8_t channel);
void sendProgramChange(uint8_t program, uint8_t channel);
void sendAfterTouch(uint8_t pressure, uint8_t channel);
void sendPitchBend(uint16_t value, uint8_t channel);
void sendSysEx(uint8_t length, const uint8_t *data);
void send_now(void);
uint8_t analog2velocity(uint16_t val, uint8_t range);
bool read(uint8_t channel=0);
inline uint8_t getType(void) {
return msg_type;
inline uint8_t getChannel(void) {
return msg_channel;
inline uint8_t getData1(void) {
return msg_data1;
inline uint8_t getData2(void) {
return msg_data2;
inline uint8_t * getSysExArray(void) {
return msg_sysex;
inline void setHandleNoteOff(void (*fptr)(uint8_t channel, uint8_t note, uint8_t velocity)) {
handleNoteOff = fptr;
inline void setHandleNoteOn(void (*fptr)(uint8_t channel, uint8_t note, uint8_t velocity)) {
handleNoteOn = fptr;
inline void setHandleVelocityChange(void (*fptr)(uint8_t channel, uint8_t note, uint8_t velocity)) {
handleVelocityChange = fptr;
inline void setHandleControlChange(void (*fptr)(uint8_t channel, uint8_t control, uint8_t value)) {
handleControlChange = fptr;
inline void setHandleProgramChange(void (*fptr)(uint8_t channel, uint8_t program)) {
handleProgramChange = fptr;
inline void setHandleAfterTouch(void (*fptr)(uint8_t channel, uint8_t pressure)) {
handleAfterTouch = fptr;
inline void setHandlePitchChange(void (*fptr)(uint8_t channel, uint16_t pitch)) {
handlePitchChange = fptr;
inline void setHandleRealTimeSystem(void (*fptr)(uint8_t realtimebyte)) {
handleRealTimeSystem = fptr;
void send_raw(uint8_t b0, uint8_t b1, uint8_t b2, uint8_t b3);
void read_sysex_byte(uint8_t b);
uint8_t msg_channel;
uint8_t msg_type;
uint8_t msg_data1;
uint8_t msg_data2;
uint8_t msg_sysex[USB_MIDI_SYSEX_MAX];
uint8_t msg_sysex_len;
void (*handleNoteOff)(uint8_t ch, uint8_t note, uint8_t vel);
void (*handleNoteOn)(uint8_t ch, uint8_t note, uint8_t vel);
void (*handleVelocityChange)(uint8_t ch, uint8_t note, uint8_t vel);
void (*handleControlChange)(uint8_t ch, uint8_t, uint8_t);
void (*handleProgramChange)(uint8_t ch, uint8_t);
void (*handleAfterTouch)(uint8_t ch, uint8_t);
void (*handlePitchChange)(uint8_t ch, uint16_t);
void (*handleRealTimeSystem)(uint8_t rtb);
extern usb_midi_class usbMIDI;
class usb_serial_class : public Stream
// standard Arduino functions
void begin(long);
void end();
virtual int available();
virtual int read();
virtual int peek();
virtual void flush();
#if ARDUINO >= 100
virtual size_t write(uint8_t);
virtual void write(uint8_t);
using Print::write;
// Teensy extensions
void send_now(void);
uint32_t baud(void);
uint8_t stopbits(void);
uint8_t paritytype(void);
uint8_t numbits(void);
uint8_t dtr(void);
uint8_t rts(void);
uint8_t readnext(void);
extern usb_serial_class Serial;