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  astaxie 3469f0ae4c
Merge pull request #512 from WUMUXIAN/features/swagger-example-enum-support 2 years ago
  WUMUXIAN d217d0b85c Swagger: 2 years ago
  astaxie 4ca7777c32
Merge pull request #505 from louisevanderlith/master 2 years ago
  Louise van der Lith 4f53288e6a v.Fun can't always be converted to *ast.SelectorExpr. Added a check to confirm that the object is correct. 2 years ago
  astaxie b2087846ab
Merge pull request #500 from amrfaissal/fix-travisci-badge 2 years ago
  astaxie d23d3e5bfb
Merge pull request #502 from terryding77/fix/uint_default_value_in_swagger_json 2 years ago
  lixz 5ba8b15e3a
Update watch.go 2 years ago
  Terry Ding d70cedc7de fix issue #501 2 years ago
  Faissal Elamraoui 418230b131 Fix TravisCI badge 2 years ago
  xhzhang fdf0e9c768 feat: support bee workspace specify 2 years ago
  ansiz 1937c6ddb7
Merge pull request #1 from beego/master 2 years ago
  astaxie 4ab8b8e30e bee 1.9.1 3 years ago
  astaxie bfeaf6c8df
Merge pull request #490 from skOak/develop 3 years ago
  hemin 363abeeae2 add swagger spec support for struct embedded field 3 years ago
  astaxie 76a4feb17e
Merge pull request #458 from BusterMachine7/master 3 years ago
  astaxie 2265bfb0ff
Merge pull request #479 from scf2k/vendor-scan 3 years ago
  astaxie e75824f797
Merge pull request #488 from ilylia/develop 3 years ago
  ilylia 4711873e25 support enum, except iota and type inference. 3 years ago
  astaxie d8cb6ff47f Merge pull request #481 from guihaojin/feature/custom-model-name 3 years ago
  Haojin Gui 7d78224b99 Remove redundant selectedTables. 3 years ago
  Haojin Gui f8e9f67ae6 Add empty line. 3 years ago
  Faissal Elamraoui b94b47d7d5 Merge pull request #483 from TankTheFrank/feature/refresh-browser-on-build 3 years ago
  TankTheFrank c34cb05355 after build the browser is refreshed 3 years ago
  qida 9dc796dc1e Merge pull request #1 from beego/master 3 years ago
  Vladimir Alaev a5cddac554 Fix docs generator to ignore all child folders of the vendor folder within project dir 3 years ago
  astaxie 65e995ca17 Merge pull request #476 from soonick/master 3 years ago
  Adrian Ancona Novelo 52e3087bb4 Only import the correct driver when doing a migration. Fixes #447 3 years ago
  astaxie e90da8f77b Merge pull request #474 from beego/develop 3 years ago
  asta xie ceefd74c9b v1.9.1 3 years ago
  Sergey Lanzman fbbb713465 Merge pull request #468 from hamidfzm/master 3 years ago
  Hamid FzM ae1f1a9bf4 Remove wrong consumer 3 years ago
  Hamid FzM 2936241fe6 Update g_docs.go 3 years ago
  Hamid FzM cdec05b5e3 Generate multipart/form-data consumer for API doc 3 years ago
  Sergey Lanzman 0405523d35 Merge pull request #462 from gigovich/develop 3 years ago
  astaxie b8040300b6 Merge pull request #464 from liusy182/patch-1 3 years ago
  Liu Siyuan 0a42575490 Do no omit response description 3 years ago
  Givi Khojanashvili 52c8cb8b6a Fix #438. Fix random module matching from swagger generator. 3 years ago
  zhangyanzhe 58bfa5c1ec array format 3 years ago
  zhangyanzhe d0b3ede4ec array format 3 years ago
  zhangyanzhe 2b04261f9c array format 3 years ago
  zhangyanzhe 254174eda6 array format 3 years ago
  astaxie aae0cc4587 Merge pull request #456 from beego/develop 3 years ago
  astaxie 3b3da1655d Merge pull request #444 from qida/develop 3 years ago
  astaxie d29f8e8ec3 Merge pull request #441 from hudangwei/develop 3 years ago
  astaxie 899aede629 Merge pull request #454 from scf2k/fixscan 3 years ago
  astaxie b65934a764 v1.9.0 3 years ago
  astaxie 3523212500 bee add subcommand server 3 years ago
  astaxie 1b03d81aa2 Merge pull request #455 from gnanakeethan/feature/database-migration 3 years ago
  Gnanakeethan Balasubramaniam 552111517e
Revert "Update: complementary fix for removing calling ddlSpec on migration" 3 years ago
  Gnanakeethan Balasubramaniam 3673659178
Update: complementary fix for removing calling ddlSpec on migration 3 years ago