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@ -9,7 +9,7 @@ it uses:
it features:
* Basic Skateboard control
* FANCY Displays
* FANCY Displays>y
* Encryption (Not yet)
* Lights !
* Cruise Mode
@ -20,14 +20,25 @@ it features:
### Hardware:
improve voltage resistors in receiver
improve fans to be PWM controlled
### Software:
add graphics to quick selection
nicer settings
implement display on reciever
rpm direction and calibration
enable ecryption for espnow
Improve steeringmode using rpm knowledge
### Hardware:
improve voltage resistors
improve fans to be PWM controlled
enable ecryption for espnow
pairingmode in system
### new settings
steering mode exclusive forward backward
actually use trim values?
setting for light mode
setting for speed trim.