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This is my take on an *eskate remote*
it uses:
* ESPNow on 2 ESP32
* Hal sensor based remote
* 3D model by SolidGeek
it features:
* Basic Skateboard control
* FANCY Displays>y
* Encryption (Not yet)
* Lights !
* Cruise Mode
* Experimental SteeringMode (for walking your board like a dog)
* Limit Mode
* Telemetry: Voltage, Electronics Temperature, Speed (with cool paging)
* Basic ESC Fan control (relay based...)
### Hardware:
improve voltage resistors in receiver
improve fans to be PWM controlled
### Software:
nicer settings
implement display on reciever
rpm direction and calibration
Improve steeringmode using rpm knowledge
enable ecryption for espnow
pairingmode in system
### new settings
steering mode exclusive forward backward
actually use trim values?
setting for light mode
setting for speed trim.