The movement Library for Lars
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#ifndef octosnake_h
#define octosnake_h
#ifndef PI
#define PI 3.14159
class Oscillator{
float refresh();
void reset();
void start();
void start(unsigned long ref_time);
void stop();
float time_to_radians(double time);
float degrees_to_radians(float degrees);
float degrees_to_time(float degrees);
void setPeriod(int period);
void setAmplitude(int amplitude);
void setPhase(int phase);
void setOffset(int offset);
void setTime(unsigned long ref);
float getOutput();
float getPhaseProgress();
unsigned long getTime();
int _period;
int _amplitude;
int _phase;
int _offset;
float _output;
bool _stop;
unsigned long _ref_time = 0;
float _delta_time = 0;